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Friday, September 23, 2005


What a pretty, pretty blog! It's SOOOOO pretty!!!

I love the fetching picture of us, the one-armed princess...ALL of it!!

I'm free of the place where I had access to sites, but no email - and it's been quite a week...


Thanks to my bi-coastal wife Biz and Stefan for making this happen. And now I'll tell you about the new job I'll start on Monday. It's fantastic. And it's called WILD BILL'S CASINO NIGHTS and PARTIES! I'll be running an office of Good Times and (hope hope) PROP COMEDIANS. There IS a "comedy hypnotist" on staff (should be hypno-LARIOUS)...and where I sit boasts a swell display of framed headshots of all the murder mystery players.

They told me I'd be involved with planning parties (they do it, old people...EVERYONE!) - did they read my mind when I was thinking: "No one puts Dorito's in a bowl like me!"?

Maybe this year, I'll plan the first ever Key Party for the under 5 set. That's the party where you put your keys in a bowl at the beginning of the evening, eat fondue, listen to a lot of Steely Dan and drink highballs. At the end of the night, you fish a set of keys out of the bowl and then fuck the person who's keys you picked. My mom would always get Bill Sunky's keys - he looked like Super Mario.

Hi Mom!

Welcome all.



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