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Friday, February 17, 2006

Putting It Off = More Putting It Off

Biz has been blogging like crazy and thank goodness, because I sure haven't! Jesus! What IS that frog really? All I know is that it made me laugh really hard - and now I probably have cancer from looking at it. Guh indeed!

I have a zillion excuses - but they're all true! I have another card that I can't play because it's kind of health related...but I guess I just kind of played it by mentioning it. Everything is fine - I'm staying after work to make sure something goes here from me; I put things off even more when I think about them constantly. Does that make sense? I feel like Biz has been asking me to play on the see-saw with her and I say: "Sure!". I then, hop off the see-saw running toward the swings and then I make her fall and she hurts her ass and I don't say I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for leaving you for the swings, Biz! I'm a whore. Okay...

I've been wanting to write, I've been wanting to come up with brilliance to match my co-Princess, (seriously!) but work has been insane (I can email, because it doesn't look like I'm blogging), and my beloved has needed to use the computer to do producer-ey things for the new show.

And now


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