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Thursday, September 27, 2007

"You Guys, Debbie's Bachelorette Party ROCKED!" By Stefannie Taylor in Accounts Payable

Hey you guys!

How about Debbie's bachelorette party the other night? Wasn't that rad? Thank you all for coming. I know we're not all 32 anymore, but I think it's important for all brides - no matter how many times they've been married before - to have a bachelorette party. It's just such a totally fun and honorable tradition.

It was really cool of Slammer's to let us still keep the reservation on their back room even though I didn't get confirmation from everyone until the day of (this is why you should all check your Outlook reminders, people! Helloooo? Sorry to be the office warden!) I was especailly excited that Luke (our fave hot bartender, ummmm....YUM!) made up a special drink for Debbie called the White Wedding. Just in case you don't remember what's in it: Red Bull & vodka (duh!) but Luke added a shot of white wine. Now, I never would've thought of that! I guess that's why Luke is in a highly creative field and I work with numbers. Could you imagine if Luke and I traded places for a day? HELP! I can barely mix water and water!

On that note, I'm glad that you breast feeders (and there are a lot of you. I should know, since I organised all of your baby showers held in the Large Conference Room!) remembered to pump. I know it's painful, but wasn't it worth it for a Girl's Night Out?

I SO can't wait to get my pictures back from Rite-Aid from the karaoke portion of the evening!!! Remember that? Thanks (all eleven of you!) for helping me sing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". I don't know what I would've done if I had to sing by myself! My 'Karaoke Motto' has always been: "THE MORE THE MERRIER!" Personally I think that more people around the mic makes for a better performance. I know that T.G.I.Jeff (remember meeting him?) appreciated all of us singing backup to his brilliant "Love Shack". (I had Silly Foo' take a picture of that moment. Remember him? He was the old man with the cigarettes sticking out of his ears for a goof. Remember Jeri? He asked if you had any dogs. Remember?) Anyway - it was so great to cut loose!

Oh my god, I had so much fun! You know who were were? We were totally like 'Sex and the City'! I guess this means that Debbie will have to stop being Samantha and start being Charlotte! Ouch! HAHA! Just kidding Debbie. No I'm not! Double ouch! HAHA!

How about those fun games? Thank you so much Amanda for bringing that funny book - I don't know where you got it but those games were priceless. Remember that group of guys we got to sing: "Who Let The Moms Out?" to the tune of "Who Let The Dogs Out?" Price. Less.

I'm glad everyone got home okay. I'm so surprised that no one puked (except for you Stacey...but not because you were drunk. You're still having morning sickness seven months in? That's so weird! When I had Cheyanne and Sharona I barely even knew I was pregnant.)

When I get the pictures back, ALL of us are taking an extra long lunch (I'll call that skinny temp we always get) and we're going to Applebee's.

On me!



At 11:43 AM, Blogger Biz and/or Jordi said...

Hey J! It was a blast. You are so good at organizing! If i ever got married or a date for that matter...why don't guys like me...i'd want you to organize! You are so FUN! I wish i was as fun! I wish i wasn't so sad all the time (sad face) but its probably just my Mr. Cranky! I hate that! Don;t you? I want your opinion on everything. i want to be just like you! What color lipstick do you wear. I can get you tons cause i have a cousin who works at the Pennys. Just let me know. Call me. Anytime. woops! There go the waterworks again!

At 1:58 PM, Blogger mjs said...

please fly to new york and plan my bachelorette party. oh, did i say plan? i mean - make the above happen.


At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Dan from the Tech Dept. said...

I know I'm not supposed to respond to e-mails not directly sent to me, but this time I just can't resist:

This is Dan down in the Tech Dept. Jerry asks me to monitor all in-house e-mails to make sure no one is goofing off (don't worry, your secret is safe with me).

Hey, listen, any chance of me grabbing copies of any of those pics - especially if Josie went? Or if she sang something? Or if two of you kissed, maybe?

I just like to collect pics of my friends having a blast, y'know? And it would certainly remind me not to mention these personal e-mails to Jerry! LOL!

Or maybe shots of you gals pulling a Britney out the limo doors? Huh?


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