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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My look alike experience

So Jordi's post on her celebrity look alikes inspried me to go and seek out my own look alikes.
So here is the first place I tried.

I don't look anything like these people. Are you serious?

I like that in the results section they make the joke "Hope you are the btter looking one!"
Well, I'm not. I probably wouldn't be against celebrities.
Thanks for crushing me Look Alike!

So then I tried another one. Upon clicking the link I was taken to this website where a request to "push the fart button" outweighed the look alike search info.

FYI...I pressed the fart button, mainly because I am not above it, adn it did not fart. It instead took me to a website that promised hilarity by adding a joke button to my website.
So then i went to the number one google site for celebrity look alike matching and here were my results.
James Spade was a give...not flattering, but a given.
Wu Yi? OK.
Guy with glasses....big surprise.
But William Shatner? Really? He doesn't even have glasses. Maybe everybody gets Shatner.
Over all this was a bust for me and possibly a major hint that it's time for a makeover.
I believe I will now go and try to find out what type of cocktail I am.


At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Your Tango Partner, Jordi said...

James Spader? Jesus! If you looked anything like James Spader I'd be hitting on you constantly and keep asking you to say things a rich bastard would say at a prom.

Get this Biz - today I got William Hung, Robert DeNiro, Bob Barker and Scarlett Johanson (??!) I couldn't post them...but it sure was...neat.


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