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Sunday, May 04, 2008

An Overlooked Movie Cliche That Makes Me Want to Punch People in the Face

The Scene: A sports event or concert.

The Participant: Ignored Son or Daughter/Done Wrong Lover.

The Cliche: The Ignored Son, Daughter or Done Wrong Lover puts on the most important game/concert of their life. Just when they have given up hope that Selfish Parental Figure/Boy/Girlfriend will never show up to watch them play/perform, the Selfish show up just in time. How do we know? Because after seeing several shots of an empty chair meant for the Selfish while precious time ticks away, we suddenly are treated to a close-up of the ISDD/DWL's face; going from thinly veiled disappointment to they see their Selfish enter the the sporting arena/high school field/auditorium/packed concert hall allllllll the way from the stage. Their eye sight is that good! In return, the Selfish Parental Figure/Boy/Girlfriend can see their faces...alllllll the way from the back. In this moment, a serious rift is usually mended.

I guarantee you right now, that if I showed up late for a Duran Duran concert, Simon Le Bon would not notice me walking in to take my seat. There would be no teary-eyed: "You made it!" head nod from him and no: "I was an idiot earlier. Forgive me?" sheepish grin from me. Which means there would definitely be no: "See, mate?I told you she'd make it" wise look to Simon from keyboardist Nick Rhodes.

Hey - you're welcome.


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