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Friday, October 30, 2009

Tis a sad web they weave

I can't quite put my finger on the why...but I loathe bad webbing.

This week has been pretty nice and so I have been taking Katy Belle up to the park (Park post to come soon). On the way we pass a number of brownstones with web-centric halloween decor...and man do people web badly. this is the first house I walk past everyday and its the first example of bad webbing. What's wrong with this webbing you ask? We'll I don't remember seeing spiders pooping out clumps of web. (yes, yes...I know spiders aren't pooping webs, but you get what I mean.) Also, you can't really see it here, but this webbing is neon green.

I guess I just feel that if you are going to cobweb your house, you should go for authenticity and not be lazy about it.

Like this guy...

Come on. Tie a bow while you are at it.

This next one looks like someone beat up the nerd spider, stole his underwear and draped it on the flag pole...or in this case, across the bushes.

grrrrrrr...just a little effort is all I am asking for...

Toilet paper would look more authentic.

Hey, at least people are getting into the Halloween spirit...but maybe get a spider for your spider wed decorations?

I am only saying that just because alllllll of that webbing comes in the bag you bought, you don't have to use it all at once.

I did come across some more charming decorations (none of them having spider webs).

I like pumpkins.

I especially like creative pumpkins...even these spoooooky liberal pumpkins (check out the top pumpkin)

(it says PUBLIC OPTION...terrifying public option. mwa ha ha)

I like this house. Severed head hanging from the window, body park coming out of the basement, giant spider on the wall...hey there is that spider I have been looking for and oddly NO WEBBING at this house. Hey Spider, your underwear is 2 blocks over and one block down!

Here we go....good house...simple idea, clean execution.

Across the street is another classic...beautiful, subtle and yet the sort of display nightmares are made of.

Then i see this.

Nice crepe papering...OH WAIT! That's not crepe paper...THAT'S WEBBING! Where are my eggs and shaving cream? They are getting such a trick later!

Hey Biz, where is your webbing if you are so great, huh? Ok...My webbing will be up tomorrow along with the other pictures from our annual "scare the crap out of our neighborhood kids" extravaganza. Judge me then.

And now to prove that I have a heart and I am not totally ruthless when it comes to webbing...I give you this bit of joy that I came across at the end of my walk.

Here we have someone who found a small bit of webbing and made something lovely out of it. Sure, from a scary standpoint, not an A plus for webbing...but from a little bit of joy in this world standpoint...lovely.


At 2:03 PM, Blogger becky poole said...

i don't know how you do it but your halloween house warms my heart! umm, i mean...warms my heart to DEATTTHHH.


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