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Sunday, January 10, 2010

An early birthday

So last Saturday night, Stefan and I celebrated my birthday early with a nice dinner. The reason for celebrating early is that I was working on my birthday and dinner, work, baby, presents, etc, seemed a bit much. Plus, anything that can extend the life of present and special attention receiving is encouraged.

The point of this post is to show you what Stefan got me and how those gifts reflect who he thinks I am.

Stefan thinks I am a...NERD.

This isn't upsetting as I am a nerd, but once I got through opening the gifts I was like..."I am such a nerd! You really nailed it!"

Take for example my Batman figure. Stefan had noticed that of all my DC action figures, I didn't have a Batman, so he got me a particularly scowley Batman.

Even though the word BATMAN is written across the box, I do not think there is any reason someone wouldn't KNOW this was Batman. It's Batman. There he is. However, the people packaging this Batman really need to make sure you know who is in this Batman box.

Oh yeah sticker? Is it Batman?

Are you sure? I wish there was something else that confirmed it.

Yep, this stand for Batman that says Batman should do it.

Another gift I got was Asterios Polyp, the number one selling graphic novel of the year. (best Ogre voice from Revenge of the Nerds) "Neeeeerrrrds!"


I don't think this requires anything more.

And then there was the...

Mac Book. Now this was a really nice gift from Stefan and his parents. I really needed a computer and I think that Mac has been telling me for years that owning Mac is very cool. However, after action figures, graphic novels, Star Trek movies, etc, opening a computer seemed a little poindextery.

I also got a cool belt buckle and Blazing Saddles and I can make the argument about how these also reflect my nerdiness, but they don't play as well in this post's theme and I am only out for a good post at all cost.

So happy birthday to me and my love of all things categorically nerdy to some. I have a wonderful husband who knows me well and I couldn't ask for more.

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