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Monday, September 26, 2005

Hooray! Jordi is here...and posting as if she is me! I wish I new how to "blog" better so I could set this up so your posts appear as if written by you...or we could go on like this and everyone will think I am REALLY hilarious...sort of like Cyrano de Jordi.

I am also excited about the blog spam we are getting. I feel so connected with the world.

Now, screw all that, and listen up! Big news. I have a couch. After sitting on the floor for the last month, I have a really nice 4 piece sectional sofa that fits in my really tiny apartment. The cat and I are very happy. Very Happy.

Tomorrow night is Becky's monthly themed show and this week it is Unicorns. (jealous?) So Stefan and I have written a sketch that is basically a buddy cop piece centering around "by the book" Unicorn and "No respect for the rules" Pegasus. They will put all thier differences aside in order to capture Rainbow city's number one enemy....Pegicorn...who is a hybrid of a unicorn and a pegasus and clearly and abomination before god (your god Ted, not my dead god.) The whole thing ends in a knife factory.

Hilarious right? Maybe it will be if we finish writing it before the show.

You know what else is great about this blog Jordi? Know one outside of our circle of friends knows what we are talking about...its like being at a party and having a conversation with someone and not even trying to include anyone else in it. You know, dropping names like Becky and Ted...who the hell are they to everyone else?

Watch this....Josh, Stefan, Kevin and Britt. Did you see what I did there? I dropped the shit out of some names.

Oh...the whole point of talking about Pegicorn....(ha ha ha) is that in researching the beast, we found some serious websites that are dedicated to it. By the way, Pegicorn is NOT the right classifiaction, it is Alicorn. I apologize to the purists out there, but I think Pegicorn is way funnier. Anywho....check out some of this artwork. Actually, its up there at the start of this blog...and I can't get the damn blog to let me post it below.

I think the artist should quit his job and dedicate himself full time to Pegicorn Art.

xoxo, The Real Biz


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