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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Never Gets Old

As a temp receptionist, I just LOVE these calls:

ME: Good afternoon, (company), how may I direct your call?


ME: Hello...

HJC: And who is this?

ME: I'm--

HJC: Where's "Li'l Linda" today?!

ME: I'm the temp covering for Linda.

HJC: I hope you're whipping the gang into shape! So what's your name?

ME: Jordi.

HJC: Shorty?!

ME: No, Jordi.

HJC: Journey?

ME: No, Jordi...

HJC: Oh, JOR-di. Like Michael Jordan!

ME: Sure...what can I do for you?

HJC: Lemmee speak to "Mad Mikey"!

ME: (looks at seating map of office) We have three Michaels and Mikes...which one did you want?

HJC: "Mad Mikey"! Mike Z....."MAD MIKEY!"

ME: May I tell him who's calling?

HJC: Tell him it's George Bush!

ME: May I please...also get your real name, sir?

HJC: No, wait! Tell him it's Officer Tiger Woods from Golf Police! I'm gonna revoke his license!


HJC: ...For being such a bad golfer! Tell him! He'll know who it is!

(Call ends with Nice Guy taking call from Hilarious Jokey Caller and then Nice Guy apologising for his friend's "crazy" behavior. All ends up okay, but this kind of situation happens once or twice every temp day - guaranteed).

And it never gets old.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger Biz and/or Jordi said...

does it really? This never happens to me. I WISH that happened to me. How the temp world going by the way?

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous stuporfly said...

I always call my office friends and use a secret code name I hope they'll think is funny. I also do it because I hope I'll get a reaction out of the person answering the phone.

Rod Peters is a favorite of mine. Because, you know...It's sort of naughty.


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