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Monday, October 17, 2005

The Past Week of Me: DAKOTA FANNING

(By Dakota Fanning)

MON 10/10:
Good Morning Me,

So......I still creep out adults. Adults won't look me in the eye when I talk to them. I don't really blame them...I AM sending out subtle signals through my gigantic blue eyes that say: "something isn't quite right with me". Oh well...I'm off to do another interview. This time I have to dumb myself down even more. The last time I said too many "wise" things that convinced the public (jokingly) that I may be an older "wiser" person trapped inside a wee body of a little girl...which I could be. I don't know. Somehow this caused my agent to slap me across the room. I have no clue why. All I know for now is that I creep out adults.

I have to put up with Steven Speilberg tomorrow (gag). ALL DAY!

TUE 10/11:
You know what sucks?

When you've been shooting for about 18 hours, they won't let you drink coffee, the director explains everything to you like you're a retarded goat...and then after spending about 8 of these hours in a pool/tank with Tom Cruise (who just won't knock it off!) the crew all heads out for a drink (which you could really use) but it's back to the hotel with you where another plush unicorn gift basket from Sony awaits...along with an invitation to a tea party thrown by Halle Berry's nieces. What?! What the fuck? Do I even know you, Halle Berry you hooker?

I'm going to take up smoking and then smoke really hard.


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