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Thursday, October 06, 2005



It is me...German Pop Superstar HEINO. I am for giving the "shouts out" to many American friends I have know during the past year as I, (HEINO) is on the tour.

I want to say "Hallo" to the big dogs und sexy easy ladies! (you know who are you!)

Last week I, (HEINO) went to an American roller skating rink...what special was about it - was that HEINO (that's me!) did not know that you can skate and eat hot dogs at the same time! It was crazy fun.

Having fun skating night was like the Giant Squid having joy at seeing an ocean liner full of passengers up ahead! Or having a bouquet of roses that are about to explode! I am for laughter today! HA- HA!

Time for THIS HEINO to go walk my German Pinscher, Typhoon.

HALLO! (<---meaning 'goodbye')
Super Kisses,


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