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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tom Brokaw's Diary

So don't ask how I got it...just know that I got it.

Over the next few days I will share with you a daily excerpt from Tom Brokaw's Diary. Enjoy

xoxo, Biz

Dear Diary,
What a crappy day. First I was late to work because I couldn’t find my gray pants…not the Dockers, but the really nice ones, and I just had to find them or else I was going to go bananas. I searched everywhere only to discover them beneath Mr. Kronkite, my cat. Once I had my pants on, free of cat hair and was at the station, I discovered that I had arrived to late for the donuts. Goddamn it…I am the freaking go to guy for the news and I can’t get a chocolate covered creamed filled to save my life. The rest of the day was pretty much out of whack. Not even one of Stone Phillips “happy endings” massages could pull me out of my funk. The only things that bring me comfort tonight are back-to-back episodes of Full House, my kitty Mr. Kronkite, three bottles Wild Turkey and you diary. I hope tomorrow will be better.


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