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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who's a Secretary? (ME!)


Not that it's really post-worthy...but I'm a real secretary having a real secretary lunch. Usually I can be found having some high falutin' meal such as a slice of pizza (ITALY!) or a burritto (MEXICO!), but today, I'm going back to my secretarial roots. I'm even eating it at my desk. And yes....I'm wearing an awfully sexy pair of glasses, Spanky. So....

What's For Lunch?:

1. Yogurt! - Secretaries live for yogurt. I'm having Albertsons Swiss Style Vanilla, but last week would've found me cuddled up to Blueberry. Secretaries need their calcium (it's true!) and yogurt provides everything to help prevent secretaries from bending over so their bones stick that way and they can't straighten up. I'm three spoonfuls away toward good bone health!

2. Banana! - Just like monkeys, secretaries love bananas and dipping it in yogurt is boss! Bananas provide potassium and if you eat one before bed, your dreams can get really weird. Like the one I had about you!

3. Cup-O'-Soup! - Cup-O-Soup and secretaries have had a love/hate relationship that goes back to the day this convenient snack was invented. Secretaries loved how they could make this soup in no time, and still have a few minutes to read "True Confessions". Bosses loved how the typing pool could keep a-tat-tat-tatting without a needless lunch interruption for their assistants. Who wins? Well...looks like me as I got the last Chicken Noodle!

4. Orange Juice Box With Tiny Straw - Vitamin C all the way! / A road to health we'll meet one day! (<----I wrote that! HAHA!)

Now I'm full....of a well balanced meal!

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At 3:11 PM, Blogger Biz and/or Jordi said...

I am currently taking the Special K Challenge (berry and yogurt special k) where I eat it for breakfast and lunch and in two weeks supposedly drop a jean size. I can also eat a regular dinner.

For snaks...fruit.

I have just had my 2nd plum for the day, and you know what...IT IS COMPLETELY NOT SATISFYING...AT ALL!

I want a bag of potato chips and a tub of french onion dip please.



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