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Monday, May 12, 2008


So...I'm sitting there eating Smart Popcorn on the way home on the train. Smart Popcorn is addictive and makes me forget "how" to eat it in a civilized manner because when I eat it, it's usually either alone or at the snacking table at a party and everyone else is eating it like there's no tomorrow as well. When I eat popcorn, I can't seem to get it into my mouth fast enough and when I eat the cheesy goodness of Smart Popcorn, I make it twice as snappy. I was having such a great time shoveling Smart Popcorn into my mouth, that I forgot that I was in a public place when I ate a few kernels that got stuck in my hair and a few which covered my sweater like bedazzled jewels. I continued to savagely lick my fingers of the cheese-powder. I'm pretty sure I made noises.

When I looked up and saw a few commuters staring at me questionably, all I could say was: "I'm so pregnant right now" with a quietly crazed half laugh, followed by a quivering bottom lip that wanted desperately to cry.

How was your day?


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