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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guess Who Got Married?

These Guys!

Woo hoo! Stefan and I are up to our ears in marital bliss. The wedding was everything we could have wanted. It was attended by our dearest friends and family...people that we love and it brought us amazing joy to have them all in one place, mingling together...worlds colliding in the best ways. While there were many who were unable to make it, I hope that the spirit of the weekend and the new friendships that were made will spread like a wonderful flu virus as each person who attended comes in contact with their loved ones. Achoo!

We have just gotten back from our honeymoon and I am committed to turning the Pony into your single Aunt's depressing living room that smells like old smokes and beer where you are forced to sit for no less than 6 hours viewing her slides from her "singles booze cruise" to Cancun. Oh, and by the way the only thing to eat are damp Lorna Dunes.


So here we go with the beginning of our adventure...ladies and gentlemen I present THE MARRIAGE LICENSE. (don't panic...we won't be breaking all of the upcoming posts down into such small events.)

Here I am at the McDowell County Clerks Office in North Carolina. Please note the amazing wedding binder. Oh yeah...I am excellent at making binders. I don't think I ever looked at it once we got to North Carolina.
So in we go and successfully prove our identity and are asked to fill out our request for a marriage license. Now here is my you think its ok to have been given a pencil to fill this out with? That doesn't seem super official and rather easy to...umm...encourage erasing of valuable info by ANYONE who happens upon our application. You know...along comes Junior with the lunch order and no one is around and hello, whats this...a marriage certificate application filled out in pencil? Let's just erase this here and add this here and voila! Elizabeth Ellis is marrying Stefan Buttnutt.


Yes Stefan...even if you use a pencil, it is still legally binding so DO IT!!!! That better be a look of excitement on your face.

We were then asked if we would be "all right with swearing on a bible" to make the whole process official. Sure...that's cool. I also don't mind swearing on a magical unicorn.

Please don't miss the most patriotic Christmas tree in the entire world that is right behind us. " I pledge allegiance to the Santa of the United Presents of America...and to the Rockband for which I want, one nation, under flags, with Christmas lights and toys for all."

Oh yeah...frame-able but not legal version of our Marriage Certificate.

How are you doing so far? Why aren't you eating the Lorna Dunes? I know what you would like...JELLO MOLD! I have one with grapes and marshmellows in the fridge. I'll be right back with that for you and then we'll take a look at some photos from the wedding weekend. I know it will be hard to sleep but try.


At 7:16 PM, Anonymous West Coast Brother-In-Law Ted said...

Well I'm glad SOMEBODY finally got around to bringing the non-attending world up to speed on the other greatest wedding of all time (actually, to be fair, Jordi, the half of our union that didn't take the stay-at-home-with-the-new-baby bullet, conceded the "greatest" title to you guys). I can't wait until we see the consumation photo series. I hope you're wearing your matching Star Wars trucker caps. That would make it the best piece of SW-related media since Empire.


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