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Friday, November 04, 2005

Biz SHOULD Be In Advertising!

And here's why!

Biz might have an agency that was a cross between Larry Tate's on 'Bewitched' and Ms. Magazine.

Ideas would flow, like the scotch in her gorgeous office (with a conversation pit and fireplace!) kept in oversized glass decanters. If I worked there we could smoke at our desks and listen to the soothing sounds of swingin' 1960's muzak. We would date airline pilots we could smack on the ass as they left for Hong Kong.

There would be art directors holding up storyboards and layouts as Biz waves them away with "YES! YES! NO!" as she takes a call from Robert Wagner in Japan.

There would be a glorious return of the Three Martini Lunch!

I would be able to finally go to work dressed like Karen Black in all her disaster movies!

Do it Biz! Do it and hire me!



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