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Thursday, December 01, 2005

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I'm not a winter person at all - but if there's the potential of snow falling into our backyard any time soon, then that's SOMETHING. That's not just a grey sky or hours of rain or a so-so temperature...that's snow - making the wretched cold a little bit brighter, radder and asthetically pleasing.

Local Portland news stations are all about oversaturation. When one of the "Desperate Housewives" (the dead-voice over one) was in town to...I don't know...(use the rest room at the Chevron on Burnside?) she was assaulted with the Portland Media Action Machine, and now I'm almost positive that the woman would never want to come back here for anything.

Snow in the Portland Metro area is treated very much like this, and I damn them for also leading me on. All it takes is for them to say: "Will we see snow in the forecast? Stick around!", and I'll stick around. I'll stick around until after the baby panda footage. I'm sticking around even though I know the answer is no. If there really IS snow in the forecast - that's usually the leading story. Last night I got so giddy because channels 2, 6, 8 and 12 were promising...PROMISING snow and lots of it today. They promised. The only person who was right about the rain and no snow this morning was my husband Ted, who tried to not get my hopes up.

My philosophy regarding the weather is that I always believe the forecast I like the best. In this case, it was Channel 12. They told me what I wanted to hear, sounded really excited about it and their graphic looked like the friendliest clouds dropping the friendliest snowflakes with the brightest blue background. I'd say Channel 2 was the nay-sayee-est. Channel 2 was like the mother who would'nt let you lick the wooden spoon, or tried to really and truly get ALLLLL of the batter into the cake pan. Channel 12 would leave some batter in the bowl for a treat. Channel 12 is just like that.

Anyway...we don't have snow today, but at least Channel 12 gave me some hope. That's more than I can say for that whore Channel 2.


At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Wong Online PoKer Hu said...

Do you think it's going to snow in Portland? I like snow as much as I like falling leaves during autumn. It's not the even colder weather or the visually pleasing effect of the snow on the leafless trees and on the ground that I like; it's the emotions snowfall causes that I miss and should like to feel again.


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