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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dear Diary Part 2

Quick reminder....This is from when i was 15 in Alabama. Helen is my sister. Grub means make out. The previous two entries are in a previous post title Dear Diary.



Well todays not quite so good. I totally got my “Mr. Cranky today. My stomach is killing me. AHG! Oh well. Tomorrow night is Josh’s party. I hope Chris isn’t there ad I wish Nick could go. Yes, I’m beginning to get the hots for him again. OH WELL. I wish I could check out (from school) but if I did then my mom wouldn’t let me out (later that night or weekend). Shit. I really need to get a topic for my research paper. I feel awful for some reason. Maybe PMS. Elizabeth Standard and Rosh are so cute. I hope we don’t have to turn in our math homework. I didn’t get to finish. Nick looks so good today. He is this awesome Polo shirt.


Whoa! This was the best night. So much fun. Ok, you see Josh was having this party. I told my parents I was going to dinner with Shellie and then a 9 o’clock movie. Shellie couldn’t get the car so Kristen Vold took me and Mary D. We got there and Elizabeth Standard and Rosh were there. We kinda bummed. Then Julien, Jenn H & Scott M showed up. Eh eh. Then Rob, Jonothan B, Steven & Scott R, Shellie, Leslie, Laurie, Presley, Dave, Harpreet all kind appeared, then the “BEER CREW” came, Craig, Trent, Chris Hope & Chester (to name a few), so I started drinking and acting pretty drunk. I talked to Steven about Laurie. He’s a really sweety. Chris H rested against me. He was really gone. We played around in strobe lights. It was wild. Then I went outside and I saw the police. I chunked my drink and Chester appeared and said come on to the woods. So he and I ran down there. Bud, we could have seriously grubbed if Mary hadn’t come down there. We sat down there in the rain for 15 minutes. Finally I went up to see what was happening. It was so sad. The police were only telling Olivia to move her car. We were all soaked. We laugher so hard. That sobered me up. Mrs Hines asked (ha) us to leave. So everyone piled in cars and took off. A whole bunch of us went to Burger King to hang out. Then we went to my house, it was Presley, Harpreet, Rosh, Manda, Hilary, Josh, Mary and Dave. We had fun. I really had a good time. I felt people saw a new me & liked me. Chris was really nice and Chetser. It was wild. Presley and I really got along. I would do anything to be good friends w/ him. Dave & I finally really got along. I had a lot of fun with Harpreet & Jonathan, Rob, Scott R, and Rosh who really was interesting. He’s a real sweet guy. Now Steven & I got along really well. He’s so sweet. I wouldn’t mind going out w/ him. Presley asked me to come pick him up when I got my license. Bud, you know I will.

I want so badly to do more with any of these people. I’d love to just be at home and have the doorbell ring & it be any of these guys stopping by to say hello. Especially while Helen is home. I’d really like that anytime. I want to be the person that when they’re looking for something to do someone’ll say hey lets go to Elizabeth’s. That’d be soooooo great!!!!!! Really great. Well, maybe if I wish.


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