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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Somebody pinch me are so sweet. It is nice to feel loved and welcomed back.

Now on to important stuff...more innapropriate talk about make out with illegally young boys. Any second now the FBI will be at our doors.

Now, I have made it clear that I want Ron Weasley inside me. Look, I have no desire to know his real name...he is too hot for that. I would like to remind you and all three of you who frequent here, that I have a serious crush on Seth Green. He is the only one on my "sorry lover, but if I had the chance to "grub" with one celebrity" list. Stefan is resigned to this.

I just think he would dig MEAT and me and we would be good pals. When any of you people get rich and famous, I only ask that you invite me to a party that Seth is at and introduce us casually so it doesn't seem weird.

I guess it is already weird isn't it?

Now enjoy Biz's fantasy sandwich....BWA HA HA....I am the master of Powerpoint.


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