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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Sorry VS. Mystic Skull
Which one would you play?
The game of 'Sweet Revenge' or 'Voodoo'?
Sure. Sorry looks pretty exciting (CRASH!), but Mystic Skull just has that extra something.
It could be the dolls and pins inside the game. And that you get to determine who gets the pins. And that the dolls getting the pins belong to the other players (so you can see instant results.)
Sorry just has game pieces and a chance to slide down the thermometer-looking thing on the board and say: "Soh-reeeeee!" Which was fun when you were I don't know....eight?
But voodoo is always fun.
Sorry, Sorry.
You lose.


At 9:00 AM, Anonymous stuporfly said...

I've never heard of Mystic Skull, but I'm still going with that one. The big cannibal cauldron is too strong a selling point, even when a stone classic like Sorry! is in direct competition.


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