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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Guess who went to ComicCon?

This Girl!

Oh was sweeeeeeet and i definately got my nerd on.

I kicked it off by watching Elephant Larry perform at the comedy showcase, live from the "JEDI STAGE." Yes...JEDI STAGE.
Who is Elephant Larry? Its these Nerds: using your best Ogre, from Revenge of the Nerds voice, lets check out EL in action.


Now, get ready for what happens next. After EL closed down the comedy show, the Jedis were going to perform. But before they did...a Jedi (in a sweatshirt...which was not very "Jedi" of him) came out and asked for this woman (lets call here Lisa) to come on stage. So up Lisa goes.

I know where this is you?

So Lisa (who i believe knows the Jedis) is standing there awkwardly on the stage while the sweatshirt Jedi is saying, "we have Lisa on the stage. Is there someone who wants to speak with Lisa?"

Suddenly on to the stage comes another Jedi...who again, didn't look like a Jedi to me, but what do I know about Jedis, and...can you guess it?

Do Jedis get engaged? Is this the plural of Jedis?

Well, hold on to your hats nerd lovers....cause here come ALL THE JEDIS to create the ARCH OF SABERS...Light Sabers that is.

And then that turns into some sort of massive Light Saber high five...again...who knew high fiving was a Jedi thing.

At this point I was on cloud nine in my personal geek heaven, so I grabbed my nerd and we were off.

My Nerd:

This is Stefan standing in front of the gaming area. No not the Sony, WII, etc gaming area on level one....this is the dice rolling, "You've got you dragon in my dungeon! You've got your Dungeon in my dragon!" gaming area that took up pretty much an entire floor of the NYC Javits Center.

We did not play...we just looked on in awe.

And now for pictures of me with people in costumes!!!!

This is me with the Blue Beetle! AWESOME!

If you look, you can see the Flash and a kind of sad Super Girl behind us.

You might also note that my face looks like this.... every picture.

Here I am with Who I am going to guess are the Kingdom Come versions of Aquaman and Superman.

Yes, I said Kingdom Come. NEEERRRRRRDDDD!
Here is a fat Skeletor.

Here I am with Transformer Soundwave...who can turn intoa boombox. RAD!


And here is one of my favorites...a 6'1 Jawa. If you are a nerd, you know why this is funny. He may also be trying to cop a feel.

So I bought a bunch of comic books and looked at a ton of toys and finally gave in a bought an original ink page (is that what you even call it?) by comic book inker / illustrator / artist Stephen Sadowski. When i got into comic books last year (you should see the book shelf now) I started off with the JSA and really liked the characters and of course that led me into obsessing with the entire DC world. You see i like a series and well, if you read one story, it can lead you to another and then suddenly I am reading the TeenTitans and they start in with The Oustider..well now I gotta read The can see how the innocent reading of a few comic trades spiraled out of control for me.

Anyway, the point is, Stephen's work is the work i saw first and really liked and he had one of his pages featuring Black Canary...and I know the fans of Princess Pony Party Amazing remember my love for Black Canary.

And so I bought this.....

Its Black Canary running from the shadow people created by Obsidian, and she is saying to herself "Run. Ignore that piece of glass cutting into your side." (Or something like that...i don't have it in front of me.) The point is....thats SO ME! I am always telling my self that. Run...meaning keep going, don't slow down, you have so many expectations to meet!...and the glass is my job, or the people on the subway, or my college loans or pretty much anything i come across on a daily know, my bitterness.

Duh!And now to wrap up...when we were leaving we passed this window where someone had drawn a dick.

Go ComicCon!


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