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Thursday, February 08, 2007

'GREASE' is the WORD!

Hey! Let's take a look at Community College productions of 'Grease' from around the nation and world!
1. Straight up 'Grease'

It's cool. It's safe. It does the job. Beacon Community College knows how to get in the quintissential 'Grease' poses, and it looks like it can deliver. This was probably a very delightful evening at the theatre. Good job, Beacon CC.

2. Bonding 'Grease'

This was the young cast that decided: "I'm away from home. I think I'm going to fuck some people". Let me tell you what happened the night of the second read through at Flemington Raritan Community College; the Danny and Sandy kept talking about how much they needed to blow off some steam from finals: "And with this show coming up! Wow. You know? I think I'm going to go out and have a drink after rehearsal". From there the Rizzo and Kenickie joined them. Then they had a lot of sex and hungover rehearsals and ended up not hating each other by any means but just not caring after a while. The end.

3. & 4. Big 'Grease' vs. Little 'Grease'

Not much to say. All hoods young and old loved wearing black in the fifties. I am SO suprised though, that no one is wearing sunglasses. How am I supposed to tell who the cool one is?

5. Kid 'Grease'

This is just adorable. You heard me. This is the 'Grease' I'd have a blast watching. It's like the time I saw a grade school 'Fame' with an asian Leroy, and it stole my heart.

6. Whore 'Grease'

This 'Cool Sandy at the End' outfit looks just a tad whorier than your usual 'Cool Sandy at the End' outfit. And that's good.

7. Wolverine 'Grease'

That's the sheer genius of England's Peebles High School. They performed a 'Grease' with an all-Wolverine cast! I am so impressed. That is so fucking awesome.

(And just in case you didn't know...our own Biz played Frenchy on the stage. And was most likely AMAZING.)

Seen a pretty great kindergarten 'Elephant Man' production lately?

Write us and make us feel bad for not going!

Biz and Jordi

Princess Pony Party Amazing

North Catface, USA



At 12:42 PM, Anonymous kathy said...

I love this game! Here's one from Coker College's production of "Equus."

It looks like the guy in the red shirt wants the other guy to put down his gray plaster dragon head and get naked, no? Yellow dude is so ready.


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