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Monday, January 11, 2010


So, Hello!

Biz has been my inspiration to find the time to start writing again. It's been more than just a mere long time since I wrote anything. I was thinking (in Biz' pre-Katy Belle days) that I didn't want to just write about my baby, otherwise this bloggityblog would be the place where Biz writes all of the edgy and rad stuff and I write about yam stains. I got spooked that I didn't have anything brilliant square dancing away in my brain with my potential musings about Cheerios and poo. Also, there was a huge time issue. She's wee, but Evangeline is like a zombie. She moved slow, but before I knew it, she'd be right behind me, under foot, tugging and looking for a cord to chew on or a knife to play with. Now she's speedy. Her drunken sailor gait is still present, and she runs as if being chased by the cops - fast. Whenever she sees Computer, she takes her hand and bats at the keys - hard. If I move to a table, she starts hitting my shins - ow. So I give up, and we play. It's pretty fantastic, but this is what has kept me off of here.

Now we're both Mothers. We're both Mothers AND nerds. (I say this with so much love and respect, Elizabeth.) Katy Belle is beyond lucky to have you and Stefan as parents, and I know that Evangeline will learn to read because of the many comic books that adorn our place. I love seeing what Biz' sewing machine will make next and what photo story will happen. I'm just happy to create something with her again. It makes me happy.

So what's happened since we last sat down for a mint julep together?

I could bullet point the deaths of Michael and Farrah and the economy, but I think I'll show you what's really on my mind:

And that important thing is that I made Mr. Bean into an Avatar avatar.

The 'M' in the upper right hand corner means that this fun new thing to do with pictures is brought to you by McDonald's.

So why haven't Mickey D's ("...we've got cola, milk, the purple stuff....HEY! SUNNY D!") come out with this genius tie-in idea that I've been walking around with since three days ago?

And that idea is: The McDonald's Avafishtar-tar Sandwich!

I mean, right?

More to come, and I mean that.


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Stefan said...

I desperately need the link to the Avatarization website!

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Biz and/or Jordi said...

me too! Nad a avafishtar-tar sandwich


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