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Sunday, March 21, 2010

More from the cruise! usual, life is totally keeping me from the Pony. Stupid life. But I just can't let the cruise posts go with out at least one last little something I have been working on.

Like I have are classy. Art equals class, ergo, art on cruise. Here Stefan has found some art.

Must I say anything or are you already aware that I am a 12 year old.

Do you know what else is classy? Ordering a cocktail with 5 minutes left to go in happy hour and being given the happy hour special even though you didn't want it.

I guess I am no longer cool seeing as I found the prospect of trying to drink all this before dinner a tad daunting.
Now, I am not sure you can make this out or not, but right behind me is...a racist. No, not Randy Newman over my shoulder, but literally right behind me, is an older guy from Brooklyn who upon no prompting from us, informed us that his neighborhood in Brooklyn was great "cause they don't let certain elements in." And you guys wonder why I get so angry when people suggest the South is some last bastion of bigotry, like it doesn't exist in everyone's back yard.


Oh, I almost forgot the classiest part of the casino sports bar!

Glove Chairs!

Let me repeat...Glove...Chairrrrrrrrrs.
Ok, last night of the cruise is the big fancy, chef's dinner in the main dining room. Of course it should come as no surprise that the menu would come in the form of a chef hat...
And come as even less of a surprise that everyone would be wearing their hats.

And so I give you..."Biz Commits To Wearing the Hat."

oh, ok...I'll throw in one last little taste of the cruise.


lizards from Epic Family on Vimeo.


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