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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Guess Who Went on a Cruise

These Guys!
Hello PPPAers! Welcome me! Last week Stefan, Katy Belle and I went on a Caribbean Cruise courtesy of  his very considerate and generous parents. I can say with the utmost sincerity that it was REALLY, REALLY, NEEDED! Katy Belle's sleeping pattern had changed and she was waking up ALL the time and taking only 30 minute naps and I was back to work part time and I had gotten so tired that I was convinced that there was no going back to a time in which I wouldn't be tired. I had somehow gotten on the other side of tired and no amount of sleep would ever be my ticket back.

Prove me wrong cruise! Oh, you proved it. 

Actually, the "ticket" was having Stefan's folks with us on the ship. It's weird, but apparently, grandparents love spending time with their grandchild. Possibly more than their own child. Well, I don't understand it, but I'll reap the rewards! (translated to "sleep where I stand.")

So, we have a tremendous amount to cover, but I shall focus this post on some obligatory, "adorable baby photos" and formal night.

Obligatory Adorable Baby Photo "Dis-embarkment Wear"
Before we got on the boat we had to fill out a form admitting if we were currently sick...and more importantly we had to rat out anyone in our group who might be sick and might be lying about it. Katy Belle better keep her mouth shut!

We decided not to tell them that Katy Belle had not pooped in 3 days by the time we got on the boat. I am sure she can't stay constipated forever.

So let's get the relaxing started! Hello Lido deck!

Let's take a closer look at that cup holder on the stroller...

Obligatory adorable baby photo: A Little Taste of Greece Cruise Wear

Here is a tip, if you have brought a hat for your baby, you do not need to put suntan lotion on her head.
It just annoys the baby and is hard to get out of hair.

Here is Stefan's Mom with Katy Belle. I believe this is the only time she did not have her hands on her granddaughter. (I love this picture)
BAH! Baby coming at you! All hands on baby!
Now for formal night! So this cruise has 2 formal nights and all other nights are semi formal. Stefan and I went online and read all the cruise message boards where everyone really put an emphasis on how jeans were a major no no and how you would essentially be an outcast of you didn't really get dressed up. It being Stefan and I, we totally went crazy stressing out about clothes, only to realize that we were cruising with the rest of America and we shouldn't have worried.  There were plenty of jeans at dinner and no one was thrown overboard. So we just enjoyed looking great and, well, like each other.  (As the cruise went on, we got creepier and creepier in our looking alike.)

The Formal dinner was very nice. Sadly, we didn't get seated with anyone. Every time we went to dinner they would ask if we wanted to share a table, and we eagerly said yes, and were seated by ourselves. I wonder if they thought we were "too much" for the cruise crowd.

Does this look like "too much?"

Dinner was lovely, but hey we are on a cruise! Let's look at that dessert menu! Cheesecake, um hmmm, choclate cake, um hmmmm, ice cream, um hmmm...hello! What is this? "Delightful Fruit Swan?" Now that is what I am talking about.

"Yes. I will have the Delightful Fruit Swan, please."

"Oh boy. I can't wait for my Delightful Fruit Swan!"

Ta daaaaaa!

I guess this is delightful? Or should I say, I guess this is Delightfully Delicious! OH YEAH!

So there we have it. The first 2 days on the ship. Next up...excursions!
xoxo, Biz


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