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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Hate Another Commercial

Big surprise. 

As I have mentioned in previous posts on commercials, we watch most of our TV shows online. This means that when I watch the Daily Show or Colbert Report, I see the same commercial over and over.

For example, the Daily Show seems to advertise to 18 - 35 year old man children. You get up to 3 commercials for different products like trucks or video games, and you see those ads at least 4 times each during the program. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you get the same one back to back. Seriously.

To the ad seller's credit who has bought this weird time block, I do know your product! 

Sadly, I HATE IT NOW!!!!!

Here is the one I currently loathe. 

I did not start out hating it. The hate came after seeing in over 52 times in 7 days.

1. Who are these assholes who happen to be friends and bank at the same bank and all have the same instant pay on their phone?

2. What did they eat or drink? Look at the table? There are some water glasses and coffee cups, oh and CLEAN PLATES. Yell! Yell! Yell!

3. I really hate the wife of the guy who wants to pay in cash because she is all "I'll show you how later honey." If they are married she probably knows he doesn't have this APP and yet she didn't suggest that he get it before they go to dinner and wait a second, why doesn't she just pay his way? It just seems like some sort of set up to make her husband look like a jerk in front of their friends. To him, "Don't worry honey!" To everyone else, "Can you believe how STUPID he is!"

4. They are all dead. I mean it it. Where are they? It is a table in an empty room filled with light. You don't need food. You all have money in your account and you all have the same APP to give that money to each other. Only the one jerk doesn't have it, and he is also dead, but this is probably his hell.

Till next time,


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Fox said...

1) They all met at a Chase Bank function.

2) It was a function for alcoholics w/ eating disorders.

3) His wife caught him in bed with the mail carrier the previous day and is actively trying to humiliate him.

4. Yes, they appear to all be dead.

Thanks for the laughs!


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