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Friday, October 21, 2011

Guess who has a screw loose?

This girl.


Well that can't be good.

Those are 3 of my 6 dental implants (see past post about my Nightmare On Elm Street mouth HERE). You and I may not be "professionals" but we can probably agree that something seems to be a little "off."

What was that camp song about Magaleena-hagaleena and "one tooth pointed north and the other pointed south?"

Yes, one of my implants decided to head north and into my sinus cavity. Go on, look at the picture again...I'll wait.

Actually, maybe this isn't worth sharing. Maybe this is too much. Let's just wash your mind clean of the above horrific image of a screw lost in my head with this...which I think is much worse.

Now, doesn't that make my little problem seem more reasonable?


Basically, the implant somehow made its way to where it is now, though I remember no specific event that moved it. We know it happened in the last 2 months since it was fine when we x-rayed it in August. My dentist, 2 oral surgeons and an Ear, Nose and Throat guy all seem baffled. I am getting a cat-scan once my sinus infection goes away so we can get a really clear idea of exactly where it is, meaning is it partially imbedded in bone or has it totally worked its way out and, as the ENT says, "rattling around in there."

This ENT is the same one who suggested that one option is to "leave it there, you know like soldiers who have bullets or shrapnel floating in there head."

As soon as I get the Cat-Scans I'll be getting a 2nd opinion...and probably a 3rd. I am probably also not going to wait as long as the ENT suggested to to get the cat-scan because the latest joy is I can feel it "rattle" when I run, jump, or any number of things I do with a 2 year old. Rock and roll and good times and all that shit.

Here is to hoping I don't get in a fight or make out with Magneto. Right? Right? High fives!


Sigh, if you need me I'll be making a quilt following no sorts of instructions at all. That will make me feel better.

xoxo, Biz


At 12:25 PM, Anonymous jaidy said...

So, what did they end up doing for you? I have the same thing.


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