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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's build a playhouse!

Or as I like to call it "let's try to stay married through this project!"

So here are all the pieces, obviously organized for ease of set up.

(awkward cough)

Here is my husband...confidence radiating from him...instructions in hand.

(awkward cough, cough)

Here is where the house will go.

Stefan with my power tools. I know, I should say ours, but I am sort of a jerk who clings to anything that is mine because someone might take it and never give it back or claim glory with it when it was mine!!! (second child syndrome. It may be time to go back to therapy.)

We get the base assembled with great ease and then came the entryway cobble stone that holds the 2 sides together. Take a good look at this piece. It looks innocent enough but almost ended our marriage.

After we got past that step, I got us both beers and yelled out encouraging "way to go's" and took pictures of snails that were suddenly appearing everywhere while he worked on the house. 

"You are doing great Stefan!"

"Wow, it is like that drill is part of you! You are some sort of house building god!"

"That is really difficult what you are doing. I could never do that. You are good at tools and stuff."

I decided to step in and assemble the "grill". This meant to put stickers on the plastic grill.

"I am going to ruin this!"

"Phew. I did it. Katy Belle will now be successful because I didn't ruin this."


Almost done, but of course this was when Katy Belle woke up from her nap.
 So not seen here is me coming out while she ate lunch with Stefan and assembled the roof, fence and mailbox.

"Go me. You are great at prying that roof apart and jamming it on the house!"

 "Who cares that there are 2 screws missing? No one will ever know...until Katy Belle steps on one and has to get her first tetanus shot and winds up in therapy or on the streets years later because of your neglect in keeping the screws together."


Ok, lets see what Katy Belle thinks!

Secret House from Epic Family on Vimeo.

Well, once again her excitement and joy knows no bounds.


Yep, that is one happy child. 

xoxo, Biz


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