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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess who made Tea Towels?

Not me! I made some things I am calling tea towels but Etsy still isn't beating down my door. 

In my usual fashion of "I want to make that and not read anything about it or put in too much effort doing 'it right the first time,'" I took a stab at tea towels.

(Love saying tea towels.)

I had an old linen bed sheet that I wasn't ever going to use on the bed anymore (I am a bedding fanatic and that sheet was long gone out of rotation) but I had kept it around because of my new sewing passion.  

Me: I am going to make some tea towels out of this shit! High five!

Cat: lick

Baby: Who cares. What is a high five?

In new Mom time, five months later, I pulled out the linen. 

Here is the thing about linen...very hard to cut or sew straight. It has a lot of movement, which is polite for "why can't I cut a straight line in this sack of shi..."

 I also decided this was a great time to take my first run at embroidery.

(cricket chirp)

What I am about to show you is shot just far enough away and folded just enough that you can't see all my beautiful fails...or the fact that the two tea towels are not remotely the same size. 

Ok, you can tell they are not the same size. Yes, tea towel 2 did not get the same attention as the embroidered tea towel. It got the rick rack attack!

Also, what the heck linen! You are impossible to iron!!! You are my nemesis!

 I am pretty pleased with the embroidery. It is going to look amazing scrubbing chili out of a pot.

In addition, I have been making felt, flower hair clips for Katy Belle who has no interest in she has no interest in all my crafts I force upon her. My husband, however, looks lovely.

xoxo, Biz


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