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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Happy Craftgiving

Why am I not still doing comedy? That title is hilarious. (written 11/24)

Especially since I am just getting around to finishing it AFTER Thanksgiving when I wrote it. (sigh)(written 12/2)

 Katy Belle and Stefan are at the playground and I realized I had time to post a few of my recent craft disasters. Actually, they are not too awful, just affected by my rushing and you know...not thinking...while making them.

You may want to prepare yourself for your mind being blown.

The Doll.

I think this doll is super cute....just don't look under her hair. It reminds one of 1920's lobotomy.

(written 12/7...I kid you not, worst post commitment ever)

Katy Belle likes it "ok." At least she didn't reject it like that Elephant I made.

Then I made a pie. Cause, you know...I got all the time in the world for pies. Actually, at my husband's family's annual Thanksgiving gathering, they all bring pies and then there is this sort of pie glut fest after dinner and for brunch the next morning. I see things like this as a challenge rather than a joy. (been too long therapist, I'll call you). First year I made a banana pudding pie. It was awesome, but I don't think traveled 3 hours very well. This year I did test pies. Below is the precooked 1st test pie. Wild blueberry and cranberry pie from Bon Appatite. They usually never fail me but maybe it was the cranberries. The pie was way too tart. I didn't make it for the gathering because I didn't want to risk it. That said...LOOK AT MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT LATTICE WORK!

This definitely falls between success and giant fail. 

I went with a Molasses Pie. Fact: you must like molasses and have lots of whipped cream. I failed at both. I didn't even ask for the pie pan back. Next year I am making cookies.

Then there are these little beauties. First I found a great post about adorable felt magnets and how easy it is to make them on the very first mom blog I ever found, Samster Mommy. (can't find her on twitter, anyone know her so I can properly shout out?)

Amazing right? 

Knock knock.

Who is there?


You who?

You who can't cut out things this cute and sew them together to look like anything remotely close to this cute.

Oh, I thought it was you. Did you bring wine?

So then I found a post about "monster magnets" (but can't find the exact post again) and realize I could cut out odd shapes and for some reason I had a bag of googly eyes in my storage closet. (I have had these for 4 daughter is only 1...I have a lot of "things" in my storage closet.)

Anyway...ta and da.

Ok, ok, husband and I got iPhones and I am pretty sure we are officially allowed into heaven now. Yay us. Of course you need a case to protect your precious iPhone, else the tiniest scratch get you a cell in heaven next to someone you don't like. So I said "I can make a case!"


So I first made one for my husband. Two pieces of felt, two pieces of corduroy, bada bing bada boom...old toggle button and viola...

...totally ok way to carry your iPhone. 

That went so well, I'll whip together one for myself.

The next 4 attempts are not show here because I burned them...with fire. Too short, too with one side the right side and the other side inside out. How did I manage that?

2 hours later...ta and da.

I was so tired I didn't add a closer attachment so the damn phone slides out very easily.

You can buy these and other half assed projects on my Etsy 
(not a real website)

xoxo, Biz


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