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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

FILLER: Just go with this idea...

This isn't going to make a lot of sense. It will to me, because... well, this is how I think. This is what I think about. Like, a lot.

I think quite a bit about casting big-screen biopics and remakes. When I worked retail for many years, to keep myself from killing people, I would cast big-screen versions of Gilligan's Island, The Three Stooges and The Partridge Family. Lately, I've been 'collecting' people for music industry biographical films.

A long while back, I was 'casting' my Led Zeppelin picture. I had Henry Ian Cusick (Lost's Desmond) as Robert Plant. I got no further. Probably because another side hobby of mine is coming up with the title of the movie and though this can be really distracting, it's a really good time. I was about to cast the rest of my Bob Geldof/Boomtown Rats picture (I have John Krasinski from The Office as Bob), when I saw a photo of Andrew Garfield - who looks SO much like Neil Finn from New Zealand bands Split Enz and Crowded House. Andrew Garfield just did a bang-up job in The Social Network (a must see - really), and he has also been cast as Peter Parker in the new Sony Spider-Man franchise (which is super exciting.)

This is Neil Finn.

This is Andrew Garfield. And Spider-Man!

Another thing that struck me is that Neil Finn's brother Tim Finn (from the same bands) is currently a dead ringer for Jeff Bridges.

This is Jeff Bridges.

This is Tim Finn.

This is where it gets confusing; would things be better if Tim Finn played Jeff Bridges in The Jeff Bridges Story or should Jeff Bridges just go ahead and play Tim Finn in I Got You: The Story of Split Enz?

You know what? Never mind.

PS - Here are my Three Stooges.

David Paymer is Larry. And sometimes David Sedaris.

Mike Starr is Curly.

Linda Hunt has always been Moe.


At 1:03 AM, Blogger Cole said...

perfect Moe. Fuck Bennie Del Toro

At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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