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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EPIC Year 1

Its happening…all memories of not enjoying various parts of pregnancy and trying times of last year fading…desire to give unsolicited advice growing stronger….OH NO!

They were right! I hate it when "they" are right. It has been one year and I remember my pregnancy as a dream and this last year as a breeze.

Let's take a moment to reflect on what I wrote a year ago: "I hate being pregnant!"


I never had "mommy brain" though I did have to start writing things down (keep a notebook ladies). I was tired but who cares and who am I to tell you, unless you caught me on a really bad day. My friends didn't abandon me.  By respecting the baby, we found it very easy to travel and "party" with the baby. I give advice all the time and I surrender to the fact that it is impossible not too...though I try to keep it simple: Respect the baby, you know don't force the baby to adjust to what you want, adjust together, your baby needs help sleeping just like they do eating, and you can't spoil a baby with love and support. 

I remember all these books and people telling me I had to be careful always responding to my baby's every cry because it would spoil her or she was trying to manipulate me. You know when we saw the first sign of "game playing"? Yesterday. At a year. 

What should you do with my advice? Nothing. Ignore it. Tell me to shut my mouth because it is your baby. See, its hard to not give it!

I leave this first year with being comfortable with remembering everything as if it was magnolia scented, unicorn, pots of gold. 

Thank you to everyone!  Want an amazing first year.

And now I present EPIC FIRST YEAR!

Katy Belle, Year One from Epic Family on Vimeo.


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Sammi said...

You are all Brilliant and Katy-Belle is obviously brilliant by association. One question though. Why did Stefan make a Strawberry sugar cake when the theme of the party was lime? Wouldn't Key Lime Pie have made more sense? Also, It is niece to see that Dan is back in the universe. Hi Dan!
Love and Congratulatory Birthday Wishes for all of you! - Sammi


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