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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Can't Stop Screaming Inside


Is this at all necessary? I mean couldn't we have put the money to better use? I'd like to see  diaper that doesn't allow "number 2" to shoot up the back. Can we put the bucks there?

I am not sure I could even allow these in my house ironically. I saw a women on YouTube reviewing these diapers (why the heck a diaper needs a review is beyond me) and she says "with these you don't get diaper lines when your little one is wearing jeans."


WHAT? Diaper lines? I am not sure I can even wrap my head around diaper lines being cause for concern. Diaper lines? Is she scared her baby is going to be mistaken for an extra in 9 to 5? (panty lines people.)

I am no cloth diaper subscriber. I am filling up the landfills with the best of them, however, I am so embarrassed for us when the aliens or archaeologist lizards from 3030 dig these up and try to figure out their purpose.

Are we this lost as a culture? Dare I say it....go to a park, go see a concert, go read a book...made of paper. I don't know, do something, but don't give me a crap catcher and call it couture.

If I lost you as a follower over this, then its probably better for both of us if you just go.

xoxo, Biz


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