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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Its Curtains for Katy Belle

Get it? I killed my baby. ahhhhhh haaaaaaa.


Please don't called child services.

I think we all know that if a hair on my baby's head was hurt I would rip the heart out of whoever did it like a wild bear.


ummmm....on to adorable curtains?

Several months ago I had this brilliant idea to make curtains for Katy Belle's room to help take the glare out from the sun that makes it through the blinds for her afternoon naps. So I measured and headed off to the fabric store, only to come home and not have enough fabric.

I believe I have mentioned that I am not great at crafting. I tend to rush and I have no idea how I could be so off in terms of measurements, but I was and so I and the fabric sat around for a long time.

Then I realized I could take some of the other mis-measured fabric I had laying around and sew it to the curtain fabric...I know...why am I not doing this professionally...and wind up with the correct length for curtains.

I am not going to give you a tutorial on sewing curtains because they really are easy...if you have a sewing machine. If you are planning on doing it by hand, you have more time than I do.

Curtains are basically:
Press the edges about 1/4th of an inch twice to make a nice edge.
Sew that down.
Then make a fold where you want the top of your curtains to be, wide enough to get a curtain rod through and sew that along the edge.

Bam! Curtains! If you do what I did and need to sew two pieces together to make them longer or just to be cute....just put the pieces face to face (the fronts) and sew along that edge then press that down.

Tadaaaaaa. I know, I should teach...or not....but it is really common sense. Go look at some basic curtains and then make curtains.

Now, are you ready to be dazzled?

"Hey Biz, one of those is shorter than the other."

I know, we want it to be able to block light but not air, so I pinned it up with safety pins. Once summer is over and we take out the AC it will unfurl in all its glory.

Look, I am not saying that Laura Ashley is going to call and ask for her curtains back, but I think they are super sweet and they make it darker for nap times and it cost me less than $20.

Now for a reminder about my superior craftsmenship...aka...I stink at crafts and that's ok....


I am sure one of you is wondering about that print hanging on the wall. Who can tell me where it is from? (probably all of you can seeing as only my friends and family really read this and you have all been told what that is a print of, but lets pretend millions read this.)

Till tomorrow and the recap of my jamming project,


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