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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Elderly May Be Trying To Kill You

So this week I am up in RI for and offsite. I got here via train. On the train i overheard the following conversation:

Young woman on cell phone: yeah, I cant wait to see you either Mama! Don't talk to strangers! Byeeeeeeyeeeee.

Old woman next to her: well that is a role reversal.

Young woman no longer on cell phone: hmmmm?

Old woman: you telling your mother to not talk to strangers.

Young woman: oh, thats not my mom. Thats my friend who I always call Mama! Ha hahahahahahaha!

Old woman: (pause) well it is good advice.I

(me to myself: stranger danger! Stranger danger! Hello, old lady is a stranger no matter how much she looks like your grandma.)

Young woman: umhmmmmm!

Old woman: would you like a grape?

(me to myself: POISON! POISON! POISON! Don't eat the grapes!)

Young woman: no thank you.

Old woman: (under her breath) your going to die.

The end

Ok, that last line is not true. Of course the train was pretty loud.

See you tomorrow!



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