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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I am breaking up with you Top Chef season 7

That was it. I am done. No more Top Chef this season. I said it last week for "Cold War" but I gave in because my husband claims he enjoys watching me watch things I hate. I am pretty funny when I loathe things. So I gave "Power Lunch" a try. 

Here is why it is all about the game this season…no one can cook. Ok, they can cook, but not once have I finished an episode craving to eat anything I saw on the show or frantically search the internet for the chef's restaurant.

Last week I organized a conference down in Atlanta. Two months ago when they asked me to coordinate it, the first bought I had was "dinner at Kevin Gillespes!" I had a 5 course tasting at his Woodfire Grill for 25 of my executives and it was amazing. Everything was as delicious and as carefully prepared as I had imagined it would be when I watched him cook on Top Chef last season. I am not one to go ga ga over a chef on a reality show, but every season up until now has made me google and ga ga at least once. 

That is the inspiration I seek when watching Top Chef. This year, all I get inspired to do is change the channel…but I got rid of cable and bought the dam season on iTunes!

I don't mean to over think this, but could the problem be your new sponsor? Dial Soap? Soap? Food? I don't get it. Please tell me the connection isn't supposed to be that Dial Soap is scented…or flavored…I don't know how this works, I guess tastes like Lemon Grass, Cherry, Peach…Coconut? So your soap is food? What? By the way Dial, you have a body wash called "Spring Water." (scratch head) Spring Water? Are you selling me water as soap? "Brace yourself for a clean as pure as a woodland spring." No thank you. Last time I was in a woodland spring I had my intestines cleaned with a nasty bacteria. 

I checked out your Facebook page, Dial. I am not sure I am comfortable with soap having a Facebook page but I guess you "need it?" Anyway, I found this:

Dial TGIF! Pamper yourselves this weekend with Padma's recommendation for an easy at-home spa treatment: "Once a week, I mix together jojoba oil and coarse sea salt for an at-home exfoliating body scrub treatment. Simply rub and massage this mixture vigorously into the skin just before you have your shower. It’s moisturizin...
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Summer is officially here and to celebrate, Padma Lakshmi, model, award-winning cookbook author and Emmy-nominated host of the popular Bravo TV series Top Chef, is offering her favorite beauty tips to help achieve radiant, healthy skin.

Dear Dial, Padma is not  using Dial.

So here I am Top Chef. It's Tuesday night and you are looming out there…the pull of 5 years of commitment vs an awful season is overwhelming. What will I do? I think I am going to go onto Hulu and watch Wipeout…and you know what? I am going to sleep just fine tonight.



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