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Monday, August 09, 2010

Guess who turns 1 tomorrow?

That girl!

My baby turns 1 tomorrow. 1 year old. 

High fives to me and Stefan for keeping Katy Belle alive for a whole year. Not to say there weren't fact: no matter what someone tells you, babies should not drive cars. They are very bad at that.

So how do you celebrate a birthday for a baby? I mean she is a 1 year old. She just mastered "tilting" in terms of drinking from a sippy cup...I am not sure she can grasp the grand concept of life and aging and Barnys.

Katy Belle doesn't watch TV. She is 1. What does she care about TV? Besides, Top Chef sucks this year so what is there for a baby to even watch?  Outside of the Sesame Street branded diapers, we haven't given her any "celebrity" Elmos or Barnys or Mickeys. So she doesn't have a favorite character or the like that you could go into the store and buy plates with pictures of said celebrity on. 

We have made a few "baby" friends at the park, but not good enough to invite to a party. All babies at this age seem to do in terms of playing together is swarm any toy on the ground and then cry over it. Plus I am not sure Stefan and I want to spend an afternoon where the "party" is a bunch of parents holding minute long conversations and at the same time swarming over there babies. Let's save that for the playground.

We do have friends with a baby who is younger than Katy Belle, but otherwise, all our friends are still enjoying staying up past 8:30 at night. Penny (the other baby) is cool so, you know, she doesn't count in regards to crazy babies at a party.

So Stefan and I thought about it.

1. we wanted to hang out with our friends. (check)
2. we wanted to make a honorary cocktail to have for Katy Belle (check...slippery punch, check it out on Bon Appetit)
3. we wanted the party to be themed around Katy Belle's favorite thing. Limes. (check)

Yes, Katy Belle's favorite object is a lime. Lime's are Katy Belle's Dora.

I present Katy Belle's first birthday party...lime light. (that is a stretch)

First you need one baby in her birthday suit...redneck style. (you can take the girl out of the south but not know the rest)

(excellent placement of the ship baby girl)

Then you see if your friend Penny can take time from traveling the Oregon Trail to join you.

You put up lots of decorations...(cough)

Then you realize ants are taking over the table so you throw down a table cloth...that luckily goes with the theme...kind of.

That is the Swedish cake Stefan made for Katy Belle! Sort of a sugar cake, with strawberry jam, whip cream and strawberries...all from scratch!

What do you think baby girl?

hmmmmm....what do you think J?


What makes perfect sense is for Katy Belle to put it on her head. She has been really into putting things on her head. Cake obviously goes on the head.

And obviously I am to eat the cake off of her head....

...and obviously, Stefan is to eat our babies hand.

I foresee an unfortunate tradition developing in Katy Belle's future. 

Let's get back on track here and remember what this day is all about!

And coming together to celebrate limes,

and Monica. 


Strangely, this was pretty much like any other weekend minus the green attire.

Sleep well baby girl, for tomorrow is your actual birthday and it is going to be just as weird.

Thank you to all our friends who have supported us over this last can't back out now, we'll notice your gone....suckers.

xoxo, Biz


At 12:23 PM, Blogger Chad Bordes said...

This is hysterical. Thanks for keeping the humor coming.

Hope you are all doing fantastic.



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