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Friday, September 03, 2010


With it being in the high 90's and totally disgusting outside, Katy Belle and I have been inside...a lot.

She has played with all the usual suspects and they have lost their charm so I needed a cheap solution to mix things up. I know, how does a pot, a wooden spoon, and a string of mardi gras beads lose charm?)


I had a ton of scrap fabric leftover and there have been some half eaten bags of beans in our cupboard for well over 3 years that were just begging to be bagged.

This is the bad crafter's perfect project. Can you sew a square or rectangle or at least sew two peices of fabric together? BAM! Bean bags.

You can't mess up beanbags unless you fill them with glass.

Without further ado...BEAN BAGS!

 You know who loved them and was dying to play with them?

Not my child. Apparently this was an activity to keep ME from going crazy. Oh, this is actually a great naptime sewing project. You can make 5 of these in no time.

She really did play with them.

Here is video proof...including "songs for toddlers" a subject I plan on writing about soon.

Untitled from Epic Family on Vimeo.

(Let me guess. It's a pizza.)

xoxo, Biz

P.S. A very happy shout out to my Pony partner, Jordi, who is 3 months pregnant!!!! Hooray!


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