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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear random pediatrician...

...we met with at our baby's 15 month check up.

(warning! Unable to control language post)

Go fuck yourself.

There, I said it. It has been 5 days and I am still mad. We took Katy Belle in for her 15 month check up and  we got one of the other pediatricians in the practice rather than our regular guy. We like our regular guy and we trust him. Plus he has a sense of humor and shares our view of not freaking out over everything parenting style.

BUT, we don't get him. He is out. We get her. We go through all the standard questions about how Katy Belle is doing and developing. She is doing great. She is really a perfect kid.

One day I think I am going to wake up and find Stefan being drug to hell by the devil saying "Sorry, but I made a deal with the devil for a perfect baby and my time is up. Don't forget to return the netflix and I love you!"

So she asks "What about talking? Is she talking yet?"

Us: No. Not yet. She babbles some but nothing concrete yet. We are speaking 2 languages to her so we are expecting her to talk later.

Her: No Mama? No Dada?

Us: Nope. Well, she says Mama but not to me.

Her: No Dada?

Me: We don't say Dada. We say Papa.

Her: Does she say Papa?

Me: (to myself, no you idiot I said she wasn't speaking) Nope.

Her: You should consider speech therapy. She should be speaking by now.

Stefan: We aren't worried.

Me: Yeah, she can understand 2 languages. I can ask her to go into her room and get her shoes in english or swedish and she can do it. We aren't worried.

Her: You should be. If by 16 months there still aren't any words you have a problem. I'd take the number with you today.

Stefan: Really? Cause I didn't speak until I was 2...

Me: yeah....and he isn't....(pause)

Stefan: Retarded.

(we just can't believe she is saying this. I have never read anything about being worried about speech at 15 months. Stefan is getting pissed and I am too, but I go down the route of...)

Me: ok, we'll take the number and keep an eye on it.

The Dr. just keeps going on about it.

We leave, without the number, and here we are 5 days later and I am still so angry.

First...all the experts agree that the earliest you should worry about speech is 18 months.

Second...we are raising her bilingual. Everyone agrees that children raised with 2 languages speak much later.

Third...none of the other 15 month olds we are playing with speak.

Fourth...we speak to her all the time. The only thing possibly holding her back is we speak so much she doesn't think she can get a word in inch wise.

Fifth and hell with you lady. The last place I am supposed to go and be freaked out about my baby is my doctor office. We are good parents who respect and pay attention to our baby. We respond correctly when there is a problem and let her sort out the things she needs to sort out even if we would rather rush in and fix it for her. She has never had a problem with "new phases." She sorted out sleeping, naps, sippy cups, walking and more on  her own and at her own pace with us right beside her.

When she is ready to talk she is going to hopefully be just like her Mama and Papa and never shut up.

While I try to control my language around her...I kinda hope that her first words are "suck it." If they are, I am going to have her leave that doctor a message.

xoxo, Biz


At 10:05 AM, Blogger Claudia said...

Wow! That is ridiculous! I hate that doctor. Being down in Miami, everyone (but us) is teaching their babies to be bilingual and they all say the same thing as you. The babies will speak later, but when they do, it will be in TWO languages. I love all your blogs, by the way.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Biz and/or Jordi said...

Thank you Claudia!

At 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad pediatrician. Everything you said is right. Everything she said is wrong. (and aside from everything else, the fact that Stefan followed the same pattern should have hushed her up immediately)

We know a kid who blurted out the name of the highway they were driving on...on the way to his speech evaluation for delayed language. His first words were "Route 128."

(Auntie Vicki)

At 2:09 PM, Blogger Chad Bordes said...

I love your blog. It is exactly what i needed this morning. So funny. You are a great writer and I don't have kids, but If I did, I wouldn't be the worried with what that "other" doctor is. If it were up to me, a swift punch to her is in order, right to the baby makers. I think you guys are awesome parents and You are doing a fabulous job

aka the guy from Miami :-)

At 2:15 PM, Blogger Lily Lemontree said...

Yeah doctors can really suck sometimes!
My son was a late speaker, didn't utter a word till almost 2 1/2, (then one day started speaking in complete sentences out of the blue.)
Proir to his speaking though, his doctor persisted in scaring us into thinking that something was terribly wrong with him, to the point where genetic testing and neurologists were involved. All of it came up with nothing but it was a very traumatic experience for my son as well as us, especially the physical aspects of constant blood testing on a 2 year old.
All I can say is that a mother knows her child better than anyone else ever will, if your gut feeling is that there is nothing wrong, than there probably isn't but it's always nice to have someone try to scare the life out of you, isn't it?!?!
Hope you are having a better day!!

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Teressa Thompson said...

Not sure how I ended up on your blog --- but please print this and bring it to your regular Dr. They need to address this woman's dealing with parents. Can you imagine the panic she has caused with other parents who are not as laid back as you are?

The only way to fix it is to speak up!

I feel for you and your baby is perfect. I'd tie Stefan to the bed so the devil can't get him! LOL


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