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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Who Wants to Watch Stefan Fry?

Happy Halloween everyone. I know you have been waiting for it. Containing your excitement...just dying to see what the Epic family did to ruin the sweet dreams of children on Halloween.

How about I make you wait a little longer? TRICK!

Its been 5 years of celebrating Halloween with the man I love..the sort of experience that makes one say "he is the only man who understands me." So let's recap shall we? (Just click on each year)

Year one - the year we came up with the idea to mess with people 10 minutes before we actually did it.

Year two: Madame Bizella raises her zombie slave to give you candy!

Year Three: Doctor Hurtsinside needs your help to get all this candy out of our patient...STAT!
Personally this was my favorite year. Just enough gore but also just enough rediculousness.

Year Four: My brother was naughty and wouldn't share his candy. I had to punish him. Do you want to have his candy with me?

Man, good times.

So...what do we have in store for this year? Year Five? I guess there is only one question to ask...

Guess who scared the crap out of kids again this year?

These guys!
Ok, that is the least scary photo of a shotgun in the face of a man in an electric chair I have ever seen.

Pardon me Biz, but did you say electric chair?
Why yes I did. Thanks to the wood working skills of Halloween lover Dan Gordon, we built ourselves a little "Smokey" to call our own.
So the concept was trick or treaters approached, I, the warden, would say (in an over the top Fog Horn Leg Horn accent) "Are you here to bear witness to the execution of Lawless Lawrence, who is being put to death for the crime of stealing Halloween candy?"

Children: YES!

Warden: Lawless, do you have any last words before your are put to death?

Lawless: Yes! You'll never get my candy! You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands, if you want it!"

Warden: That's the idea! Ha ha ha! Now who is going to help me execute this monster!?

Kids: ME!!!!

So I'd pick a kid to come up and push the button at which point somke would come out from under the chair, strobe light went off and electric chair sound effect would go off.

Stefan is fried.

Warden: Now, come and take the candy that is rightfully yours!

Kids come up to take candy and get goosed by Stefan.

Ta daaaaa. Genius.

Except the first few times we had Stefan in a hood that was tooooo scary for some.

 Of course, not too scary for this kid.
Also, not too scary for the freaking cutest monkey in the world!!! Holy crap that is one cute monkey!
Our monkey, I mean baby was inside playing with our pal Kathy and apparently thought nothing of the screams coming from the front of the apartment. Good baby.
So these kids pushed the button like 8 times...taking turns. Good to see that despite NY state law, corporal punishment is alive and well in the hearts of children.

So we took the hood off.

(hello handsome)

About 30 minutes into this we realized our baby sitter wasn't showing up. (TRICK indeed!) She got trapped in Manhattan Parade over crowding. So luckily Chris Principe of Elephant Larry fame was lurking about and stepped in so I could but Katy Belle to bed.  Thank you Chris!

Then she was asleep and I was back in action.

So who wants to see this in action?

Halloween from Epic Family on Vimeo.

How about this action?
Untitled from Epic Family on Vimeo.

Sadly, a number of our videos have been taken in the wrong direction. I'll try to find time to flip them around but I think these capture the spirit nicely.

Till next year...when we better get to do my long awaited idea of CLOWNS.

xoxo, Biz and Stefan

PS. anyone want to buy an electric chair?

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At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Kevin Chesley said...

That is amazing.
I love it with the mask off more too!
That kid pressing the button while
he screams "don't kill me" is perfect.

I am usually very against the
death penalty, but when candy is
involved this seems like good policy.

As always, brilliantly done,

At 8:31 PM, Blogger marni said...

i don't understand next year... clowns? what's scary about clowns?

At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Ted said...

God, I love you guys. Can't wait for Disneyland in December.


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