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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Stop Blasting My Face

So we don't have cable. We enjoy watching out shows for free online. The downside is that we get the same ad over and over again. The Colbert Report runs the Fabreeze Murder Room commercial and you can see my thoughts on that in the previous post. The Daily show runs THIS ad over and over.

Maybe if I only saw this ad once a week it would not gnaw at me like a bug bite I have itched raw. However, I see it over and over again, sometimes back to back, every day when I watch the Daily Show and you know what I take away from it?

I take away that you should not use the word blast in relation to my face.

Dear Cover Girl, don't blast my face. Seriously. Stop blasting it. Are you leaving? Good...wait...what are you...GAH...stop blasting my face! I mean it. I don't like it. It is gross. Even drunk I wouldn't let you blast my face. Sounds dirty doesn't it? Yeah, I am guessing you think that it sounds sexy. It doesn't. It sounds like you are coming on my face. Don't.

A mother


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