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Friday, December 09, 2005

Dear Diary Part 3

A few things...It may appear that i was incredibly popular...but my recording of the events and people's responses to me are a bit like the person in the nut house who swears they are Michael Jackson. They believe it, but it isn't true. I was a fringe person who got to go everywhere put was never part of the actual gang. OF course, I could have just had serious self esteem issues that crippled my chance to have normal relationships. thhpt...I am going for everyone hated me. HA HA HA

Ok...for those just joining...I'm 15, in Alabama, Helen is my sister, I use Oh Well way too much and I really don't remember a lot of these people. I will admit, Laurie, Kim, Shellie and Alison are coming back.This is my actual entries have been skipped.I have to have periodontal surgery today so I won't be around the next few days, so I am giving you 4, count them, 4 entries to tide you over. The first three are pretty boring, but I really "grow up" in the last one


Well the rest of my weekend has been ok. I haven’t gone out and done anything, I just worked on my sketch and paper. Oh well. My b’day is only 5 days away. I’ve talked to Steve frequently on the phone (GOD I WISH I COULD REMEMBER WHO THE HECK STEVE IS!) FOR THE PAST TWO DAYS. Josh seems to like Hilary. I’ll have to see how she feels tomorrow. Josh says he’s gonna tray and swing it so Chris asks me out. That would be nice. Oh well.

Well today was ok. I talked to Craig, Marty, Ram & Chris. They’re so cute. My sister leaves tomorrow for London. I guess I’ll miss her a lot. We’ve gotten along really well for the first time in years. It was neat. I hope Jon is there at the airport to meet her and I hope things work out for her with him. I hope she has a safe trip over there and she has fun. I’ll really miss her. I think I’ll make her a care package. Be back.


Well Helen’s off. She should be there by now. I hope she’s safe. I miss her a lot. School was boring so Shellie & I skipped 6th period and cruised. She wasn’t as fun as my sister. Its weird, for the past few days I’ll be happy all day, no reason, just happy, then at home something will click and someone will say something to me & I bawl. Its very confusing! Alison says she’ll hint around to Marty about me and Josh says he’ll hint to Dave. Those are the two that are the best chance. Nick wasn’t in school today. I missed him. Buddy, when I get my license, I’m gonna ask him out.


Well, I’m 16. Yesterday was my B’day. A lot happened (Mental) wise this weekend. Friday I was in the mall with Shellie & I swallowed a taco shell. (In my diary I drew the shape of the taco shell…it was a triangle…HA HA HA) It got caught in my throat going down. At first I couldn’t tell if I was choking or not. Shellie goes “I hope you aren’t doing what I think your doing cause I wouldn’t know what to do.” Great. Luckily it was only stuck & I could breathe. I figured I should get some bread to help it go down. I went over to Sneaky Petes (hot dog place) and said “This is an emergancey. I need a piece of bread. “ The woman looked at me and said “A piece of bread? Is that all you want?” YES! Now the bread didn’t help at all. It really hurt. I was shaking and stuff. I asked Shellie to get me ice cream. She replies “what flavor?” Classic. While I was waiting I began saying to myself, I can’t cry, cough, puke or hiccup w/out the chance of choking. I really thought about death for the first time. It really made me appreciate my life more.

I got a lot of Disney stuff for my birthday, washed my car & drove around with Shellie & Presley. It was fun. Today in Monday & my first exams are tomorrow. Plus I’m getting my drivers test. YAY. I want to pass so badly. Shellie’s taking me cause my parents can’t. Kevin and I really talked a lot today. Kim found a note to him and they got in a fight over me! She’s jealous of me which blows my mind! Shellie was saying Kevin was standing up for me. She said “Kim was jealous of you cause you’re prettier than she is.” NO WAY! Kim is gorgeous. I’m not gonna let her jealousy stop me from being friends with him. If she doesn’t feel that she is secure enough about herself & her & Kevin’s relationship then that’s her problem. I’m not gonna let her insecurity prevent me from having friends. I really like Kevin a lot and want us to be friends. Oh well!


At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Ted said...

But what happened to the taco shell?! Did you die?!

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Biz and/or Jordi said...

Only my former inner child died that day. That day, I became a woman. Thank you taco shell.


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