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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Vegas Part 1: The Luxor

Hello PPPA's!

Guess who stayed at the Luxor?

These guys!

So, Stefan and I headed to Sketch Camp Vegas a day early as we wanted to stay in one of the themed hotels and fart around a little extra. Stefan made reservations on one of those sites for the Luxor Hotel at a really reasonable rate. We flew in directly Thursday night from NYC and landed around...ehhh...10ish pm. We got to the hotel around 11 and made our way to the counter to check in.

Now this hotel is pretty cool. I mean, Carrot Top is there...hello! There are lots of egyptian statues and...well, a GIANT Pyramid, and poorly themed rooms like Cairo Cafe. Actually, that isn't bad, cause I made it up, their's were more like "King Tuts Arcade" which isn't all that creative...but again, the hotel was cool..Carrot Top, Pyramid.

We get to the counter and the "check in lady" pulls up the reservation and says "Oh, since you are here for only one night, it looks like they have put you in a nice room."

Uh. Ok. I wonder what that means?

A foyer and a $30 certificate towards room service!

Bathroom number 1!

"Hello, Stefan? Where Are you??


Here is a shot from the bedroom of the dining room and on the other side of whatever Stefan is doing, is the den (next to the foyer and #1 bathroom, in case you were keeping track).

Here we are looking over Stefan from the den view, across the dining room and into the bedroom.

"Don't be too sexy Stefan or you will enrage the Gods themselves!"

Oh no! You have awakended the God of stereotypes! The Bangles will surely be upon us! (damn, i look good!)

The Gods have decided to not exact their revenge, but instead, give us miniature soaps and in BATHROOM NUMBER TWO!


A jacuzzi bath tub!


Giant shower!

"Boy, i need to rest on this bed...hey, what is this remote for?"

Oh...MY... GOD!



"Stefan! Roar!"

What a view!

"Stefan! What will those people think?"

Who says all there is in Vegas in gambling? There are obviously GUNS!

Wowee, wow, wow! BANG!

And let us not forget that Vegas is also known for its ART!

And Amore....


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