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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

SWEET! Randy Newman Fight - The Randy Newman Play

Wow...Jordi is SO controversial.

Jordi, please stop being so edgy on our blog.

I have a play I would like to share....

Setting: 1000 years in the future.

Voice Over:
The year is 3006. It is ONE THOUSAND YEARS IN THE FUTURE! The Evil Dr. Susan's plan to dominate the world with Randy Newmans had succeded. When the great war of Randy Newmans ended in 2008, the world was left on the brink of ruin. The human race was dying out and the Randy Nemwans seemed to multiply by the millions on earth and BEYOND! Randy Newmans became the dominant race. A few rebellious humans escaped earth in their Levitra Machine to the far reaches of the galaxy. Together, with the help of incredible electronics and SCIENCE, this band of punks will stop at nothing to destroy the Randy Newmans and their leader Susan! *

*Susan has never aged as a result of drinking the magical blood of Randy Newman's.*
* Randy Newmans are like peanuts, and Susan is like George Washington Carver, She has found a million uses for Randy Newmans!

(Present Day- Randy Newman 4, 3006)

Randy Newman: (a young girl of 8) Randy Newman, why are we all called Randy Newman?

Randy Newman: (A young mother of 29) Because my precious, it is only that we can live in peace and harmony, without war or famine or thinking or trying very hard, by living as Randy Newman.

Randy Newman: Thanks mom, I am sorry to have ever questioned it. It is so much nicer to be Randy Newman than an individual. There is something so repetitive and almost hypnotic about living the Randy Newman Way. Besides, I wouldn't want to upset the Randy Newmans again, or their leader Susan. I guess I got all these silly ideas in my head when i brought home that Mister Mister albumograph.

Randy Newman: YOU DID WHAT? Quick! Get rid of it. Don't even think about it! Oh Randy Newman, What have you done Randy Newman, What have you done!?

(Randy Newmans fly in on Speeder Geotron Banana Bikes and Kill Randy Newman)

The End



At 2:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wrote this back when you had your Red Lobster date so I dont know if you are ignoring me or if you had some sort of allergic reaction to shellfish and it made your eyes swell up so much you could not read here it is again...

That whole date rocks !!! Can I go with yall to Red Lobster if I come to NYC ???

Do you remember that time we went to Helen's Birthday party and your parents scaird the crap out of us. It was at some party hall and we were all hanging out, I think I was talking with you and your mom kind of introduced us to this girl college student she had got to help with the party. So like 5 minutes later there is all this screaming and crap and this guy comes out with a gun and he is arguing with that college student and he like takes her out to the car and we hear abunch of gunshots and they drive off????

And then we come to find out it was a big hoax your parents had paid for ???

What the hell was that all about ???

Tell everybody reading this I am not lying and how fricking scaird we all were and please get your mom or somebody to relate to us what the point of that make a bunch of teenagers cry like babies ???

Did you get hold of Laurie ???


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