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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ask Ronnie James DIO.

Got something to write down but nothing to write with?
Ask me, Rainbow Children of Night Fancy!
Q: Hi Ronnie. I'm a long-time enthusiast of the basic Number Two pencil. I don't care for what the new mechanical pencils have to offer, or for the theatrics of those giant pencils you can win at fairs, but I've been looking to make the switch from lead to ink to "get with" the times. Which writing tool would make for a smooth transition? (Both on the page and for my sanity, as I sure do love pencils!)
PS - My 6 year-old niece worked out 'Holy Diver' on the piano - just the first bit, but it's pretty good. She's also a member of your Krayon Klub!
A: Hello Rogue and Wayfaring Scoundrel,
When I woke at dawn's first light and consulted The Runes, they spoke of letting go of the past. I have since consulted The Elders in this matter....they wanted me to let you know that even though you feel like you are being tricked in this juncture of your life, I can assure you with complete honesty that you are not.
The Runes want me to point you toward the new Pentel Retractable EnerGel, yet The Elders wish for you to choose the calssic Pilot Precise P-700. Both of these tools have the velveteen feel of lead, are easy on the grip and dance across the page as if taken over by a lover's trance on gossamer wings, flying, flying and laughing at the demon's kiss, riding the Tiger until the soaring winged maiden takes you into her silver embrace; her spindley fingers tracing your future in the sands of time, while the Mastedon cries for elves' wishes past.
Of these tools there are two and the choice is of yours, kindred bretheren. For this Bard has faith in your path.
That's really great about your niece.


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