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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Pink Umbrella For Halloween

There is nothing like wearing a costume during the morning commute through the NYC subway systems to remind you that its “not you, its them.” I felt like a pink umbrella in a sea of black umbrellas. What a delight!

I can’t believe that of the, what, 3000 or so people that I passed on my way into work today on the subways, only one other person was wearing a costume to work, and all she had was a witches hat. I am not poo pooing the witches hat. Kudos to her having a little fun which is more than I can say for the millions of other New Yorkers who pride themselves on being so cool by being New Yorkers that they don’t have time to be cool having fun.

I refuse to wear a witches hat as a costume for work. I am an executive assistant and to me, I find the “executive assistant in a witches hat in her cube” a bit cliché and might make me feel as if I really am an executive assistant and not just here till something amazing and creative comes along…even though we are approaching 5 years here and I am about to get an anniversary plaque commemorating that along with an additional week of vacation and a pension. But I won’t wear a witches hat in my cube. That might send out the wrong idea.

Its like when I used to smoke. I refused to buy a carton of cigarettes because I felt it would mean I “really was a smoker,” even though I bought a pack a day…sometimes two. I know….I am a weirdo.

So what am I for office Halloween? I am the 2nd most cliché office costume…I cowgirl. HA HA HA I know…I am so daring. I am the “crazy” one at my office.

I had one woman give me a snarky look in my elevator at the office and I thought “It’s not like I’m a slutty cowgirl. I am totally a fully covered…mom like cowgirl.” It’s Halloween for Pete sake. Eat a candy bar and lighten up.

I will say that for the first time in a very long time I had a decent commute. Maybe I should wear costumes everyday. It might make living in this city a bit more bearable.


At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Teddles said...

I prefer to think you're Wonder Woman in disguise to go undercover at a crooked rodeo. Clever, painting your golden lasso of truth white. Those illegal black market cattle poachers will never see it coming.

At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Jessica (stag) said...

I dressed up like a 60's mod girl, and everyone thought I was just dressed fashionably. Helllloooo -- do I wear white patent leather boots??


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