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Thursday, November 01, 2007

"You Made Me Drop My Soda Last Year!"

Well kiddies...its the day after Halloween and I know your are DYING to see what Stefan and I did this year to scare the bejesus out of babies and old ladies.

I would like to start off by saying that I swelled with pride as I arrived home at 4PM to see half our decorations set up and a group of people...both young and old...gathered outside our place talking about how badly we scared them last year and wondering what we were doing this year. (see post from previous halloween.)
I walked up and said the old"Oh, nothing too scary planned this year."

One woman said "Yeah right. You made me drop my soda last year!"

Awesome...we are "that house!" A little dream for me has come true.

Stefan did the major theming this year...Voodoo Priestess raising her Zombie prince to bring candy of the dead forth.

Ladies and gentlemen....may I present Madame Bizella and Her Zombie Prince.

Hooray! It was awesome!

So here is how it worked. Kids would come up and I would rise from the table and cackle "Are you here to trick or treat?" The kids would come up thinking "give me my candy...why is this crazy lady coming at me without candy?"

Then I would start my "voodoo chant." Its terrifying...get ready for it...

Hoodoo Voodoo Halloween
Listen to the demons scream
Come to where the dead do meet
Arise my zombie, give us treats!
Are you terrified yet?
Then, from behind our door gate, Stefan the Zombie, would throw himself against the door, moan loudly and then storm out bearing candy and groaning.

Here is Stefan behind the gate...

And here he is obeying my commands to give treats! MWA HA HA! cough.

We scared one little girl so badly that she dropped her bag of candy and took off running down the street. FANTASTIC! Her mother couldn't stop laughing. Of course, the trick or treaters are slim on our street so there was a lot of standing this...beware the bleeding skeleton and extension chord of DOOM!

And occasionally having my zombie slave refill my goblet with wine...I mean baby's blood. Spooky!

And then comes the next wave!

We had a group of adults (one being the "you made me drop my soda" woman) who kept bringing their friends to watch "the show." They'd also wrangle kids who were doing the store trick or treating up the street to come down our way, which was great. People would start gathering around to watch us scare the next wave. We were video taped several times so watch out Youtube! HA HA HA. We made one woman literally throw her candy straight up in the air. There were lots of "aye miras!" and "Oh shits!" is one of my favorite kids. "Hoodoo Voodoo Halloween, listen as the demons scream..."

You can tell he is petrified with fear...right? Here is a zombie....scared yet?

I am sure he is sucking on his sucker to keep himself from screaming...not because he is just enjoying a sucker.

Look at him and try not to be terrified yourself by his ghoulish costume!


cough. ahem.


Beware my zombie, else he eat your brains!!!!

I swear he'll eat your brains! Your giggles of terror will not save you!

Stop being so delighted by this most horrifying display of fiendishness and devilry!

Here comes more victims! MWA HA HA HAAAAAAAA!

Please Pirate and Spiderman Devil Princess (she totally has spiderman paint on her face), don't scare my zombie! is my all time favorite picture of the night!

This is beyond sweet!
By 7:30 we had blown thru 8 bags of candy and the trick or treaters had pretty much dispersed, so we broke down camp and went inside and gorged ourselves on the remaining 18 peices of candy...

And watched Law and Order: SVU. (please note the new floating shelves...which are terrifying cause they are a pain to put up and will probably fall out anyday now ripping a giant whole in the wall. Its SCARY!)

How zen....

Yes...thats a not engagement ring...its my grandmothers and when I feel like relaxing in the apartment I like to wear a diamond. Who doesn't? I never wear them out anwhere cause I am weird and feel weird doing so (I know, back to therapy), but I love wearing a diamond around in jeans and a tank while shoving my hand into a pumpkin filled with kit kat bars.
Happy Halloween!


At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Kevin Charles Chesley - A Delighted Mother said...

Aye mira - that is amazing. Reading this made me throw my coffee into the air! I'll DEFINITELY be coming back to this Blog next year.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Baz said...

i love it, halloween, both of you, and carnegie mellon university robot soccer.

i'm very happy to see the tiki overstock being put to good use.

ps- holy spooky, please click on the wheelchair next to word verification.

At 12:48 AM, Blogger Becky said...

i feel like i ate a buttload of gummy bears and black and orange peanut butter candy things. that is a good thing. you guys rule. i can't even think of something smarmy to say. you cuted away my cynicism!!! thanks and happy halloween.

At 6:47 PM, Anonymous Jordi said...

Biz & Stefan are FOREVER MY HEROES!


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