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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guess Who Went to Kauai on their Honeymoon?

These Guys!

Oh yeah! Welcome to Kauai, the Garden Island.
Stefan did an amazing job at planning the entire trip...which was the greatest gift he could have given me. I organize things for a living and to be able to just relax and go with the flow was great.
Guess who was met at baggage with leis?

Don't believe I could wear it more than once?*

(*Warning! Super unflattering picture coming up very soon of Biz)




*I warned you!

Let's all all take a moment to feel good about yourselves for not looking like this.

I'll wait.

Ok...and now let's cleanse the palate with an AWESOME shot of me.

Little known fact about is apparently paradise on earth.



What's that Stefan? said "PARADISE!"

Come on! A !^%@#* RAINBOW? Give me a break!

"Hey Biz? Where did you stay?"

Well, for the first week, we had a wonderful house on the North Shore. I am trying to think of the word to describe it. Hmmmm...what it is it...oh...I got it...

Follow me PPPAers down our pathway to awesome.

Here we are!
*some PPPAers may be wondering what is wrong with my face in all of these pictures. Don't panic. I have learned that the word for this is "smile." That is a smile on my face. Don't let it distract you. I promise it is a good thing and I enjoy it.

So the entire pathway to our cottage was lined with adventure plants, orchids growing wild, and plants with various fruits or things that looked like fruits dangling from them.

For example this.

What the hell is this!? A lemon? Stefan and I decided that is was filled with wasps. Deadly, jungle wasps. We then convinced ourselves that everything beautiful was probably filled with deadly, jungle wasps.

The only thing that sucked was our view.


Stefan's favorite part of the house was the solar heated, outdoor shower. If you will follow me it is just this way...OH! Sorry Stefan! AVERT YOUR EYES EVERYONE!

So...we spent a lot of time on the North Shore checking out the amazing beaches and the very charming and bohemian town of Hanalei. You will never guess what they had there...

...a tiki bar. (Stefan was in HELL...O heaven!)

Guess what they had there?
Mai Tais.

Guess what else. Mai Tais are apparently the only thing they serve on the island. It's like the national drink.

Mai Tai?

Do you know how to make any other tiki drinks?

Mai Tai.

How about a martini?

Mai Tai!

All right...I would like anything other than a mai tai please.

How about a groovy, Hawaiian band?

Or maybe you would prefer a MAI TAI!



You win...

Mai Tai.

Mai tai.

*There she is...the Biz that PPPaers have come to love.

We had these two mai tais and a depressing little place in the airport called "cocktails."



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