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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A craft in honor of my daughter's Swedish heritage

Hello PPAers!

Guess who is still getting crafty? Me. This is pretty much a straight up project...easy execution and fast finish. Of course, perhaps "fast finish" shouldn't be the goal and nicer end results should be. Nah. I only get random 30 minute chunks of time in the day and sewing is ranked number 3 or 4 in order of priority.

So I have wanted to sew something on a onesie for KB. I know that when "applique-ing" I should get that sticky back material (jealous of my grasp on correct sewing jargon?) but I figure "why? Can't I just sew my little shape on there and that be it?"

The answer is yes! Yes if you want your design to look like a fun house mirror reflection.

"shhhhhhhhh, just look the other way and keep your comments to yourself, Biz seems to be enjoying herself. Let her."

Let's see my craft shall we?

So for my first applique, aka shape sewn on to something, I thought a Dala horse would be super cute! The Dala horse is a big piece of Swedish folk art and Katy Belle is part Swedish so it seemed an obvious choice.

First I printed out a Dala horse from the internet and made a cut out from felt.


Then I fooled around with some of my special stitches on the sewing machine and pinned the horse to the onesie.

Nice impaling of the Dala horse.

Now at this point I am feeling very confident about not having used any sort of sticky back. I'll just sew around the edges on this incredibly stretchy fabric that doesn't maneuver easily around the arm of the machine and....




Check out the craftsmanship. I mean I REALLY think I am getting better at my stitch alignment.


"shhhhhhh....its best not to say anything. Biz can't get out as much. This is all she has. Just smile and tell her its nice."

You know who loved it?

This girl!

I am swollen with confidence. Next project...a suit for Stefan.
Love, Biz


At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Livia Scott said...

GREAT JOB!!! I am mucho impressed!


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