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Monday, December 12, 2005

Dear Diary Part 4



Well exams are over and I’ve got my license & I’ve partied all weekend. Exams went ok. Thursday night I went to Rob’s party. It was fun. I flirted with Michael Sp. A lot. I told Josh I liked him (Michael) and found out he wasn’t going out with anyone. YEAH! He asked Mike how he knew me and Mike said “I’ve known her for awhile>’ So Josh said “why don’t you ask her out.” He said he would but it seemed I was interested in Nick! Whoa! Nope. So I’ll hope he asks me out. Friday night I went to Lance Green’s party with Emo & Mary. My mom thought we were at the movies. I ended up spending the night w/ Emo and Mary at Emo’s house. Her parents were out of town. We didn’t get in till 2:30am. After the party we goofed off w/ Josh, Presley, Harpreet, Dave (Jr.) and Dave (Sr). By 2:#0 it was just Presley and Dave (Sr.) We went to Emo’s and watched Stand By Me. Presley and I were on the couch. It seemed like he liked me. When I took him home he seemed to genuinely want me to go to Harpreet’s the next night. So I called him today and he gave me a ride, but when we got there he didn’t really talk to me much. I felt uncomfortable there somehow. I don’t know. Michael was supposed to come over but never showed up. L Harpreet is so cute. I hate myself for just noticing this. He leaves in a week for Wash. DC to be a congressional page. Wow. That’s so great. I’m in the weirdest mood.

How do I know that my Mr. Right isn’t right here? Maybe I don’t know him. Maybe I do but don’t like him. Maybe he doesn’t give me the time of day, Maybe he’s 10 years older & I wasn’t born early enough. I want to go out with someone very badly. For fun at first, maybe developing into more serious stuff later. I feel so empty all of a sudden. It’s weird. I wish I could get rid of this feeling. Krista shall hopefully call in a minute. Maybe she talked to Presley. I really miss my sister. I can’t even call her.


Whoopi! My dad is thinking of accepting a job in Birmingham at UAB. Meaning we’d move to B’ham. That would be the best. I love it there. I’d stay and finish up this semester and then move over the summer. That would be the best. My Dad has to make his answer Wednesday, I can’t tell anyone till then. If we definitely move, then I am going to go haywire in T’town. I’m going to mess around with every guy I’ve ever wanted to. I’ll never see them again except on weekends occasionally. I’d want to go out with Craig, Marty, Joe Phifer, Banks, Clint, Michael, Rob, Booby, Presely, Danny, Nate, Jeffrey, Rosh, Chris Hope, Ram, and on and on. I’m gonna go crazy. When I get to B’ham I could be closer to camp and my good friends. I could go out with Ted, Matt Hunter, Chad & all those other guys. I get to choose what school to go to. Renee will be at Stamford in B’ham meaning I’ll be able to stay with her. I’m so happy> I really hope he takes the job. In the great scheme of things this is only a few months away! YAY!


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